No more waiting for developers

Update assets yourself effortlessly, whenever you want. 💪

Never deliver wrong dimensions

Gemba warns you about implausible and mismatching pixel sizes.


No more manual asset integration

Designers switch out existing assets all by themselves. Have a coffee instead. ☕️

Review changes

Each asset delivery is a commit with a helpful commit message.

With Gemba designers can finally explore full potential of git workflow and, dare I say, enjoy using it. Andrey Zhukov, Founding Engineer at Toca BocaToca Boca

How you use Gemba

Add or update assets

Drop assets into Gemba. Gemba puts the assets where they belong.

Existing assets will be updated, and image sets created for new assets.

Review and fix common mistakes

Gemba warns you about potential problems with your assets.

You can go fix the assets and re-drop them into Gemba.

Deliver when you’re ready

Describe your changes and press Deliver Changes.

Only now are your changes pushed to the app’s hosted Git repository, which your developers see and use.

Designer FAQ

What it does under the hood

Assets are copied to the working copy

Existing assets with matching filenames are replaced.

New assets can be added to an asset catalog as an image set.

Changes are local until delivered

The changes are only pushed once the designer presses Deliver Changes.

Deliver = pull, then push

Any remote changes are fetched, and a commit with the local changes played on top of them.

Merge conflicts? Designer gets to choose --ours/--theirs.

Developer FAQ

  • Works best for teams working on iOS or Mac apps using Xcode. (Support for Android Studio coming soon.)
  • Works perfectly with Sketch, Photoshop, or any other tool that exports assets.
  • Works with any hosted or self-hosted Git repository, e.g. on GitHub, Bitbucket, Stash, Gitlab.
  • No lock-in. Gemba uses plain Git, so you can switch to other services should you choose to. (But you won’t.)
Yesterday our designer updated an image with Gemba and triggered an automatic deploy to our staging server. How awesome is that? Henric Malmberg, CTO at Weld.ioHenric Malmberg

Made by designers & developers,
for designers & developers

Deeper collaboration makes for better apps. Gemba lets designers and developers work closer together, by empowering designers to work on the living product itself – the real place, or “gem-ba” in Japanese.

Yang MeyerYang Meyer

Users love Gemba

I can’t even think of not using Gemba, even after using it just for this little bit. The ease of use of adding new images is so great. Adam Selby, Designer at 88 OakAdam Selby
After slicing all of these graphics, I like to use Gemba to upload the assets to Github for me. It’s a real simple drag-and-drop.

I really like it for when I’m tweaking a bunch of tiny things on the graphics, I don’t have to keep reminding the devs to update to the latest image. I just do it for them. Jenni Leder, Designer at Storehouse
Gemba + Sketch is love. Thanks so much for building this. Tessa Hunt, Designer at

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