What is Gemba?

Gemba is a Mac app that lets you deliver exported graphical assets (by default, .png, .jpg and .gif files) into a hosted Git repository. It warns you about potential problems, so you can fix them before delivering the assets.

Does Gemba work with my design tool of choice?

Yes. Gemba works with anything that exports asset files (.png, .jpg, and .gif by default). Sketch works great of course, as does Photoshop, both with PS Generator and Slicy.

Does Gemba work with our Git repositories?

Yes. Gemba works with any Git repository on any hosting service (GitHub, Bitbucket etc) or self-hosted server (Stash, Gitlab etc).

What do I need to get started?

If you’re new to Git, nicely ask your developer to adapt this sample .gemba configuration to your Git repository’s needs: http://gemba.io/onboard/sample.gemba

Alternatively, if you have worked (or dabbled) with Git before and want to get started yourself: Check that you have “write access” to the Git repository you want to deliver into, and get the Git repository’s URL (it should start with “https://”). Ask your developer or admin if unsure.

When I drop assets into Gemba, what happens?

First of all, nothing gets sent to the Git repository before you press Deliver Changes. You prepare a set of changes for any number of assets (e.g. for one part of your app), and only when you’re ready, you deliver the set of changes.

You add new or updated assets by dropping them into Gemba. You can discard and overwrite these undelivered changes if needed. When you’re ready to deliver your set of changes, press Deliver Changes.

Where do the assets go?

If you’re updating an asset that already exists somewhere in the Git repository, it will replace it. (It matches the filenames.)

If you’re adding a new asset, Gemba will put it in a special folder (“Images/” by default; developers can configure this).

How will my developers know that I’ve delivered assets to the Git repository?

No need to inform them – they’ll see your “commits”. Each set of changes that you deliver to the Git repository is packaged up into a commit, which the developers will see. Every one of your commits contains your asset changes, your summary notes, a listing of the potential problems with the assets.

What if my developers are skeptical of me using Gemba?

Point them to the Developer FAQ, which explains why you using Gemba is absolutely fantastic for them, too. They’ll love you for it!

Technical Requirements?

Gemba runs on Mac OS X 10.9 upwards (Mavericks and Yosemite), and you need a hosted Git repository to which the assets shall be pushed.

Can we use Gemba for our Android/Web/… projects?

Maybe. Gemba is currently optimized with iOS and Mac app development in mind. You may find that it works well for other types of projects as well. One known limitation is multi-resolution support for Android, because Gemba expects unique asset filenames.

My question wasn’t answered here…

No worries. Just drop me a line at yang@gemba.io and I’ll be glad to help!

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