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Covid-19 has accelerated business trends and many are here to stay:

  1. Digital office defeats Physical office Offices are no longer an effective marketing strategy in 2020. Physical locations limit exposure to global talent Local brand recognition ignores global reach It's just bad ROI.

  2. Cloud Technology defeats On-Premise Technology App Marketplaces showcase best in class apps Platforms like Salesforce can plug & play without integrations New apps when you need them, just install Salesforce is the iPhone for business apps.

  3. Couch defeats Commute Family defeats Commute. Neighbourhood defeats Commute. Exercise defeats Commute. Sleep defeats Commute. Cooking defeats Commute. We all need a little more time.

Work from wherever you want and still having full access to the people and information that matters. Salesforce delivers real time connected experiences for everyone.

Raiser's Edge has been a fixture in fundraising operations for decades, but forward-thinking nonprofits are now leaving it in record numbers. Many are moving to Salesforce solutions with more automation, simpler fundraising, and better donor retention capabilities. For organizations that require call center operations, planned giving management, volunteer scheduling, and other functionality that is missing or incomplete in even the latest version of Raiser's Edge NXT, Salesforce puts their entire nonprofit workflow on a single platform.

In short; nonprofits are switching to Salesforce because it helps them raise more money with fewer clicks, but it's far from the only reason.

Unparalleled Platform Features and Apps

As the world's #1 CRM, Salesforce has hundreds of apps, integrations, and connectors compared to a relatively small number of Raiser's Edge options. Zapier integrations are especially mature, and the massive Salesforce ecosystem is constantly developing new ones. This makes Salesforce a less costly option for nonprofits who want to integrate tools with their CRM.

A beloved feature in RE - batch uploading of donation records - is even better on Salesforce. With over a dozen third-party upload tools in the App Exchange, including some that automate syncing such records, you'll find a better version of nearly all your RE favorites. Many nonprofits are able to eliminate offline donor records all together.

Covering Top Nonprofit Sectors

Furthermore, different Salesforce Clouds can handle specialized nonprofit types. For nonprofit health services organizations, nothing can provide the same level of patient management or reporting variety as SFDC's Health Cloud. Similar options for Media, Education, and mean that Salesforce offers specialized functionality for the most common nonprofit missions.

If you're a nonprofit providing extensive services, handling multiple kinds of fundraising or revenue, and trying to engage with both stakeholders and clients - switching to Salesforce let's you do it all in one place.

Better Mobile Experience

Salesforce has a seamless mobile experience - which can be a huge help to executive directors, event staff, and field volunteers alike. Millions of users and an excellent app store rating (4.4 average, thousands of reviews) for the SFDC mobile app show how robust it is. The RE mobile app is best avoided (1.9 average, few reviews) and has much less utility in the field, when it works.

Planned Giving and Events

For most nonprofits, large donations and donor events are a carefully-facilitated opportunity distinct from the usual donor cycle. RE does capture some of these concepts, but doesn't offer the features necessary to maximize the opportunity value. SFDC has two robust marketing solutions in-house (Pardot and Marketing Cloud), and can integrate dozens of sources of donor intelligence and activities. Interactions with VIPs and major donors are less likely to be overlooked, and can actually be highlighted automatically.

Discounts and More to Come

Salesforce substantially grew its third-party fundraising offerings in 2019, and the trend is likely to continue as it gains traction with foundation boards and executive directors. The deep discounts they provide to registered nonprofits make it worth considering for organizations of all sizes.

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Salesforce is retiring - meaning you'll lose access on March 13, 2020. However, everyone's favorite CRM is offering tons of incentives to help you make the switch to Salesforce Service Cloud Lightning. You only have a few months left on Desk and we suggest you make the switch before the end of the year.

Licenses and Free Add-ons

You'll be getting the best customer service software on the market today, and with some of Salesforce's most popular add-ons included at no cost. Not only does Service Cloud offer features, automation, and customization far beyond's, but they're including extras that may even save you money by eliminating third-party licensing costs from competitors.

Desk customers get the following when they migrate:

  • Enterprise licenses for Service Cloud Lightning at the same cost as their Desk user licenses.

  • Salesforce Knowledge, included for free.

  • Live Agent, included for free.

  • Social Customer Service Pro, 1 free license.

  • Customer Communities, capped at 1,000 logins/month

Feedback from those who made the switch has been overwhelmingly positive, and if you have an expert admin on staff, it may even be possible to handle the transition internally. If you're at all concerned about moving in the next couple months, you should consult your Salesforce rep for suggestions.

Of course, you can also reach out to GEMBA for details on our migration package.