It’s Not Social Isolation, it’s Work Revolution

Covid-19 has accelerated business trends and many are here to stay:

  1. Digital office defeats Physical office Offices are no longer an effective marketing strategy in 2020. Physical locations limit exposure to global talent Local brand recognition ignores global reach It's just bad ROI.

  2. Cloud Technology defeats On-Premise Technology App Marketplaces showcase best in class apps Platforms like Salesforce can plug & play without integrations New apps when you need them, just install Salesforce is the iPhone for business apps.

  3. Couch defeats Commute Family defeats Commute. Neighbourhood defeats Commute. Exercise defeats Commute. Sleep defeats Commute. Cooking defeats Commute. We all need a little more time.

Work from wherever you want and still having full access to the people and information that matters. Salesforce delivers real time connected experiences for everyone.